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My three errors of Ikea

My son Matt and I just finished assembling an Ikea bed frame. I’ve assembled a lot of Ikea furniture over the years, and 3 things will always happen – I’ll loose a screw, misunderstand the instructions, and most painfully, make a major mistake while assembling the piece.

Sure enough, just when we thought we were close to finishing, Matt discovered we had put the headboard on backward – an easy mistake to make, since the only difference between front and back were some tiny screw holes in the front face.

After much cursing and lamentation, we flipped the headboard around, aligned all the connecting screws and dowels, and tightened the odd round plastic things that somehow held the bed frame together.

Small mistake, big problem

What tripped us up was a seemingly small oversight that resulted in a big problem. I see this happen a lot with websites as well.

Many healthcare organization websites do a good job of giving users opportunities to engage with them. Home pages have blog feeds, social media links and shares, email newsletter signups, and special offers.

The right home page content

But users need more than opportunities to engage in order to take action. What kind of home page content do users need? They need a brand statement on the home page that tells them who you are, what you do, and why they should care. And they need be able to find this content as soon as they enter your site.

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Please note — a brand statement is not your mission. That’s written for internal use – it’s not aimed at your audience.

Start with the elevator pitch

If you don’t have key messages to base the brand statement on, start by creating an elevator pitch. This is the core of a good home page brand statement because it is audience-centric and concise.

Here’s a formula to get started.

We solve  __________ [problem]
by providing __________[advantage],
to help __________ [target]
accomplish __________ [target’s goal].



A dragonfly has a lifespan of 24 hours



Our new puppy

Selkie, our new staff member

Meet Selkie, our new puppy and staff member. Currently she excels at sleeping, eating, and playing. I’m sure she’ll fit right in!


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