Website technologies: 3 you should know

After holding off for 8 years, my wife Robbin went ahead, threw out my old book bag, and bought me a new one.

A lot has changed since I bought my old book bag from a street vendor on St Marks Place.

Like fast food, the new bag is supersized – quite a bit bigger than the old one. Also, book bags didn’t used to have an owner’s manual. But you need one, if your book bag has features like a “front zippered accessory pocket with customized, zipper-stop headphone port”.

Improving UX

A lot has changed with website technologies as well!

We’ve seen the end of dreadful Flash-animated splash screens, and the dissemination of open-source technologies like WordPress that improve user experience – and therefore make your brand look good.

Why we are not cutting edge

None of the technologies listed here are new! We don’t advocate brand new technologies – because beta-testing technology is a burden that distracts our clients from their core business or mission. So we let other websites test them instead. If the innovation catches on, we’ll implement them, knowing that they are useful and bug-free.

3 website technologies you should know

Here are three battle tested website tools with real benefits – we suggest you chat with your web developer about them.

• Yoast: A WordPress plugin that helps you write SEO-compliant copy. We use it for any and all website content we write. The plugin asks you to identity a “focus keyword” for each page — that is, the keyword that you want the page to rank highly for in search. It then evaluates your page content and makes suggestions for improving SEO. It also evaluates readability.

Web fonts. Tired of using Windows system typefaces, like Arial, or (groan) Comic Sans? Web fonts (a huge range of typefaces that can be loaded and used by your website) are now widely available and work quite well. We like Google Web Fonts, since they cost nothing, and the service is supported by a behemoth company. Note: you need to limit the number of fonts used in your website to keep load time manageable. (If you want a clever way to do this, email me here)

Jquery. These are open source java script templates for common functions and animations — for example slide shows and floating forms. They save time and money – your developer doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to build these features.



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