Is your website SEO (search engine optimized)?

Three questions to ask:

Why SEO?

If someone is looking for an organization like yours in Google or other search engines, would you be listed in the first page of search results? Try it for yourself with some short phrases that describe your organization. If you are not top ranking, SEO can help.

Three SEO questions:

1. Are there keywords written into the website code?

Keywords are phrases that people are likely to use when searching in Google for a site like yours. For example: people looking for businesses similar to ours might search using the keywords “non profit marketing”. If we’ve done our SEO work well, will be highly ranked in search results.

Here’s how to find the keywords: go to your home page. Look for a command called “Page Source” or similar in your browser. The page source view will show you the underlying code of your website. Near the top of the code is a line that starts with: meta name=”keywords” content=”. After this should be a bunch of keywords about your organization. If this is missing, or if there are no keywords, it’s time to write a keyword list and have your web programmer code them.

2. Does the website copy feature the keywords?

Google likes to see that the content of the website aligns with the keywords — in this way it can verify that your organization truly does what the keywords claim. Unfortunately, this means literally using the keywords in the copy, which can make for awkward reading — this is where a web-savvy copywriter can be a big help.

3. Is there changing content on the website?

Google also wants to be sure the website is active, not abandoned, so it will rank a website with changing content higher than one that is static. The easiest way to feature changing content is to have a section of the website where you can post news, events, or a newsletter.



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