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In this issue: 2016 healthcare marketing trends that can change the game


It was 4am in February, 1986 and we had parked on a dirt road in the Coachella Valley desert, east of Los Angeles. We were there to see Halley’s Comet. This comet visits earth once every 75 years, so this would be our only chance.

We turned off our headlights, got out of the car into the pre-dawn quiet, and there it was. We were awestruck by how much larger, brighter and more impressive it was than we expected. After sunrise, we drove to a truck stop and celebrated by ordering the local specialty: a plate of biscuits swimming in gravy.

Some predictions are easy

Halley’s comet is easy to predict. For those of you who stick around, Halley’s comet will be back in mid-2061. On the other hand, predicting 2016 healthcare marketing trends is a bit more dicey!

Here’s our best shot:

Four 2016 healthcare marketing trends

1. Patient experience
Because of high deductible plans, patients are now paying large sums out of pocket for healthcare. With the higher payments come higher expectations of a better patient experience. They expect more attention, less waiting, and a pleasant environment. To retain patients, healthcare organizations need to fulfill their brand promise and elevate patient experience.

2. DSRIP marketing themes
DSRIP, the multi-billion dollar New York State program that is transforming public health, will change the healthcare conversation. Key DSRIP themes will find their way into messaging. More healthcare brands will talking about prevention, population and community health, primary care, and technology.

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3. Renewed focus on email
Email will be rediscovered as an efficient way to use data to reach segmented healthcare audiences at the right time. For example, new parents might want age-appropriate about their children’s health as they grow. And with email, audiences can easily self-select the topics they want to receive.

4. Mobile dominance
Mobile usage, mobile search, and mobile advertising will accelerate in 2016. Advertising campaigns must now be designed to work across the entire range of platforms and screen sizes. Because Google’s current algorithm rewards mobile-ready websites, mobile optimization is now required.

Make 2016 your best year

The healthcare landscape will continue to change rapidly this year. We can help your marketing compete effectively in this new world of healthcare. Email me here or call 718-438-2563.


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