2 easy steps to engage your online donors

Have you noticed? Online donors are less patient and more discerning. That means you have to demonstrate  transparency and good stewardship by providing instant access to the metrics donors expect on your website.
But don’t stop there — online donors will also be checking you out on third party websites. Here are two you need to know about:



Guidestar non profit report: notice there are 5 areas to populate

Over 22,000 people visit Guidestar per day to learn about organizations like yours. If you file a IRS form 990, Guidestar automatically posts the form on their website — on a page about your organization. Donors use Guidestar’s robust search engine to find your 990.

But that is just the beginning. Guidestar provides a non profit report form on your page for you to populate — it’s sort of a mini-website. You can talk about your mission, your leadership, your programs and your needs. You can post photos and videos. Donors can even make donations. If you don’t populate this page, you are missing a big opportunity to engage your donors — because there is a good chance they’ll check you out on Guidestar before going further. And by the way, Guidestar doesn’t charge you for any of this.

Here’s where to get started on populating your non profit report:

Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator
Charity Navigator report page

Charity Navigator is a website that posts comments and rates larger non profits. Last year over 4 million donors used the site to look at over 5,000 charities. A 4 star rating by Charity Navigator is like a seal of approval.

They are outspoken in identifying charities that they feel are problematic — for example, if they spend too much on non-program expenses, or pay their leadership too much. And most importantly — they post comments by donors — both good and bad.

It is more difficult to get listed and rated by Charity Navigator than it was. To start, your organization must receive a high level of public support and correspondingly high total revenue.

Here’s where to find their criteria:

Here’s information on requesting a review:



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